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Muses Pharma

The mobility of healthcare services, which reposition the pharmacist as a care coordinator to reinforce proximity to the patient and combat medical desertification.

Muses Today
The ideal vehicle for any pharmacy that wants to manage its stocks, deliver to nursing homes and patients, with perfect access to town centers :

Much more compact for parking closer to the site: just as roomy inside, 50 to 80 cm shorter !

Much more accessible : the low threshold means you can load 10 x 100 kg boxes with just a hand truck !

All you need is a "B" licence

Muses tomorrow

A communication medium for health, well-being and any message of public interest supported by pharmacists. An original, virtuous business model for all pharmacists. The best possible ratio of service rendered to monthly cost !

An even more motivating revenue-sharing model for those participating in the first regional campaign

New services to be offered according to each pharmacy's profile. Vaccination, diagnosis, teleconsultation, delivery of medical equipment, care centers and patients.

Muses after tomorrow

Offer selected pharmacists a range of new services validated with the pharmacists participating in the first regional campaign.

Stand out from other pharmacies

Offer shared services with other practitioners

On-site or remote consultation

Place pharmacists at the center of the healthcare network when they need mobility and flexibility. Help put an end to medical deserts

Enable the pharmacy to go to the patient when he or she can't get there easily

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Benefit from 100% of advertising revenues, excluding installation and operating costs

Drive a French electric vehicle that's innovative, lightweight, responsible and economical !

Co-constructing the future of an eco-systemic offering

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